Hello - My name is Susannah Jane Schaeffer, I go by Susie, and I am the owner/ founder of Jackalope Jane Varieties! Named for my love of oddities, strange taxidermy, the nickname of my paternal grandpa Jack Schaeffer who was sometimes called "Jackalope" and Jane in reference to the middle name I share with all of the women/AFAB folks on my maternal side. 
Photo taken by Juliette Wallace circa 2019 on set for She The Creator
(Image of me working as a MUA taken by Juliette Wallace on set for She The Creator, 2019)
My interest in printing on textiles first sparked after seeing the process and work of a local friend, Caitie Magraw. Who astonished me by printing her own drawings on shirts. It struck me as such a great way to produce art in a functional way. She inspired me so much with her ability to use art as a means of self sustainability. 
(tiny baby 19 year old me in 2011)
Before I learned to silk screen, I utilized a simple printing technique taught in my Kindergarden class, using recycled, styrofoam meat packages and a pencil to create simple block print style stamps. In 2013 I sat on the floor and printed over 100 of my first patches on every and any scrap of fabric I could find. 
(Early raccoon print made using styrofoam packaging)
Soon after production my patches landed in the hands of any punk, hippie or passerby that wanted to barter at a large festival deep within the forests of Central Montana.
(My first printed patches, spread out on a blanket for bartering)
(Selling patches later in 2013 at Off The Wall artist collective show)
Needless to say, after several washings, acrylic paint patches wash out pretty easily and my etsy buyers were not too pleased, so it was time to move on and scour any and every blog and forum on screen printing. After many failed attempts, I was finally able to figure out the cheapest DIY method of screen printing I could muster. This method used an old trunk, which I would wire a fan inside of to dry screens in a dry dark place. Then I would pull the screens out, burn them on top of the trunk, with a lamp strapped to the back of a chair.
(My first screens, exposing on the trunk, rigged up under a clamp light)
In 2013, on the back of a paper Safeway bag I drew the album art for the now notorious folk band, Days N' Daze. The success of Rogue Taxidermy inspired me to start taking my art more seriously and invest in my craft on a more serious level.
(Never before seen process pictures drawing the Rogue Taxidermy cover)
(Finished Days N' Daze cover art)
Production on my own patches took place on any day off, after work hours or time I could find. Over the years I packed suitcases, threw them in the back of my van, or truck and vended at DIY markets from Portland to Seattle and Olympia. I cherish my time on the PNW vending circuit and every single person I met along the way who inspired and encouraged me. 
(Vending at Maker's Market in Olympia)
(Vending at The Witch's Ball put on by Cunning Crow Apothecary Seattle WA)
(Fierce Femme, put on by Kook Teflon in Seattle WA)
(Vending in Seattle WA and Olympia WA)

(Vending next to Wolf Tea at Thirst For Light in Pe Elle WA)
(Vending in Portland Oregon)
For many years I printed and created patches in my small mobile home, and many of my friends as models for my work.
(Patches drying on the floor of mobile home)
(Workspace in my old house)
(Anna, Aaron and K modeling patches)
(Early patch AD used for Instagram)
(Image used for an older Instagram giveaway featuring patches, altar cloth and cotton draw string bag)
(The last set of patches I ever printed, being sold in Portland Oregon)
(early patches drying on line at my old house, with Jones cat)
From 2019 - 2020 I completed a local tattoo apprenticeship, held a regular open mic, worked as a makeup artist on a feature length film and wrapped up production on the last patches I would make before moving in 2020 and starting the next chapter of my printing career in the world of shirts, sweatshirts, bags and apparel! 
(working on set in Port Townsend for She The Creator film)
(Example of my makeup work on Bernadette in She The Creator)
(My backyard set for an open mic that I hosted for many years)
(Veronica perfomring at my Open Mic)